Why Work with Liberty Live?

Creative Differences Should Not Equal Division!

From creative differences and tension, to harmony and collaboration, we empower artists to uplift all voices. Liberty Live! artists see the inherent value in creating space for difficult conversations, promoting creative liberty for all. 

We are a mission-driven event production company serving clients who want to activate their audience with impactful live events. We connect artists with (paid!) opportunities to use their creativity and talents for causes they care about, and use the proceeds from our event production services to offer training, support, and future “Artist in Residence” scholarships. 

Liberty Live! artists are ambassadors of empathy. With their art, they strengthen communities by celebrating diverse ideas and finding common ground. They use their art to connect, rather than divide.

Meet Our Team

Lauren Postler

Co-Founder / President

Margaret Rogers

Project Manager

Annie Bowers

Production & Marketing Coordinator

Jim Briggs

Production Manager

Our Partners