Meet Our Artists

Jac With No K

With a name as clever as it is confusing, Jac with No K is an Austin based alt-blues project fronted by the frontman and songwriter, Pittsburgh native Jac Carson. Their sound is meant to blend elements of the best band you’d hear in the back of a smokey blues bar blended together with a red-dirt soulful feel described as ‘the New Texas Groove’. This Irish-eyed self described “all around nice guy” appears determined to carve out a name for himself as a diverse talent and a known commodity. Originally a guitarist, Jac has spent his career playing with up and coming artists such as John Wilcox and Brodie Holifield (November Blue), Nate Cross (Ugly Blondes), Vinnie Paolizzi, Alex Saddic (The GoAround), Archpalatine, The Tisburys, and former Philly indie rockers Saint Wilde.

Sam Castillo

Sam Castilo is an Austin, Texas stand up comedian. His jokes cover subjects as mundane as tap water and as uncomfortable as addiction. He swears he is a good hang.He can be regularly found at a comedy club in Austin or on the road and has featured for such comics as Tim Dillon and Geoffrey Asmus. In addition to jokes his style includes comedy through stories and he was a finalist in the 2021 NY Comedy Festival Story Telling Competition. He has also been invited to perform on several comedy festivals in 2023 including; Skankfest, Flyover Comedy Festival, Rogue Island, Blue Whale, and Hell Yes Fest. He runs a local show, Cold Brew Comedy at East Austin Comedy Club twice a month and would love for you to come by and say hello.

Ruthie Craft

As 11-year-old Ruthie Craft struggled with her newly diagnosed Tourette’s syndrome, not even her family had any idea that 5 years later, she’d be onstage duetting with an international superstar. Lacking any career guidance, she sang at open mics and talent shows, eventually winning a contest to sing with country star Keith Urban. Shortly after, at the tender age of 20, Ruthie’s whirlwind marriage whisked her across the country, far away from family and friends. As the marriage collapsed over the next 2 years, she found comfort in music. Exploring new genres and emotions, she began to find her voice again. She competed on American Idol in 2019. Here cinematic pop-soul features powerful vocals, soulful tones, and slick lyrics evocative of Joji, Kimbra, and early Maroon 5. She now resides in Austin, TX, and her debut EP, Sound of Blue is set to release Spring 2024.

Andrew Heaton

Andrew Heaton is a comedian, author, and political satirist. He’s the host of “The Political Orphanage” comedy and news podcast, and sci-fi deep dive podcast “Alienating the Audience.” He’s a frequent Reason TV contributor and hosted the popular web series “Mostly Weekly.” He’s performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, in the China International Standup Competition, and throughout the United States and Europe. As a political comedian, he has entertained numerous think tanks, advocacy groups, student associations, and political action committees. He hosted the award-winning series EconPop, a comedy show that explained economics through popular culture. Andrew Heaton is the author of the best-selling work of political satire Laughter is Better Than Communism, and two funny paranormal novels: Frank Got Abducted and Happier as Werewolves.

Wild Wren

Alternative Blues Rock band hailing from Austin, Texas, Wild Wren is a tour de force with their stage presence, bravado, sophisticated yet aggressive songwriting style, soaring vocal melodies and searing fuzzed out guitar work. WILD WREN collectively soars towards a musical goal bigger than any single individual could alone. The band’s ideology of pushing and bending beyond musical genres makes WILD WREN worth paying attention to for years to come.

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